Blood Bank

Blood Banking

A Blood Bank is an integral part of any hospital and more so in a cancer center. Mission of Dr. D. K. Gosavi Memorial, Shri Siddhivinayak Ganapati Cancer Hospital, Miraj Smt Anila Kantilal Kothari Blood Bank is to supply safe and good quality blood and blood components to all the patients in need admitted in SSVGCH as well as other hospitals. The services are available round the clock. The blood bank is licensed by drug controller, India.

Blood is collected from health voluntary donors and patient’s friends / relatives in blood bank as well as in blood donation camp.

The blood bank has a battery of modern equipments that provides blood components in addition the whole blood.

  • Whole blood
  • Blood components – Packed cells, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Platelet concentration (RDP) cryoprecipitate.

There are several advantages of administering specific components including that of appropriate use in certain disease conditions and full use of scarce resources.
Blood components are invaluable in treating malignancies especially leukemia and those receiving aggressive chemotherapy, which causes severe myelosuppression

Aphaeresis platelets (SDP – Single Donor Platelet)

Blood bank has two separately designed cell separator (Amicus and heamonetics) to provide aphaeresis platelets. In this procedure only platelets are isolated and in large amount. It is high quality product in full therapeutic dose, which also decreases multiple donor exposure. Aphaeresis platelets offers a great help in treating severe ------------------- associated with aplastic --------leukemia and patients receiving aggressive chemotherapy. It is life saving in associate with fever like dengue. Hemato –Oncology section provides diagnostic hematological services primarily in case of hemato lymphoid.

Consultant Profile


Dr. Abhijit UdgaonkarM.B.B.S., D.C.P.

Dept.- Blood Bank


Dr. Mohan MendhapurkarM.B.B.S., D.C.P.

Dept.- Blood Bank