Clinical pathology

Pathology and Clinical Biochemistry

Clinical biochemistry plays an important role in modern medicine. In an oncology set up, a whole new dimension is added whereby it contributes not only to the diagnosis but also to the staging, prognostication and treatment of cancer. It is our constant endeavor to keep up with the latest development in this field in an effort to improve our services and provide the very best to our patients. We have installed very sophisticated Abbott AxSYM which is a true Random Access System for all cancer markers like CA125, CEA, AFP, BHCG, PSA Beta-2 Micro globulin, Hormones like FSH, LH, Estradiol, T3,T4, TSH, Drugs like Cyclosporine.

We also have Sabia Electrophoresis for quantitative and qualitative estimation of serum protein electrophoresis and also immunofixation.

We have Erba chem-5 semi automatic biochemistry analyzer for all routine biochemistry like LFT, RFT Uric acid, LDH, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium etc and electrolyte estimation flame photometer.

The future is aimed at equipping our Laboratory with fully automatic biochemistry analyzer.

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Dr. Abhijit PethkarMD Pathology

Dept.- Clinical Pathology