Uro oncology

The department came into existence in June 1998 with phenomenal vision of Dr. D.K. Gosavi who had realized the need for speciality units in oncology. Dr. Khochikar who has been trained in India and UK established this unique department. He has been trained in Mumbai, Nadiyad – very well reputed urological centers in India and in London and Cambridge for uro oncology training from 1992 – 1998.

The department undertakes the treatment of entire spectrum of urological cancers. This includes cancers of the kidney, ureter, bladder, prostate, testis and penis. The department also undertakes large work on adrenal lesions and retroperitoneal tumours and paediatric urological tumours.

In kidney cancer, the work load consists of radical nephrectomy (RN), RN with IVC thrombus excision, nephron sparing surgery, nephreureterectomies. In bladder cancer, we have expert endo-urological treatment for superficial bladder cancer and have a very large intravesical BCG programme. Radical cystectomy is routinely performed. Retroperitoneal LN dissection (RPLND), post chemo RPLNDs are routinely done here with excellent results. This unit takes a great pride in treating large number of adrenal tumours > 35 in last seven years majority of them are pheochromocytomas – a very challenging surgical exercise. Wilm’s Tumours are the commonest paediatric urological cancers we come across.

Consultant Profile


Dr. Makarand KhochikarM.S., D.N.B. (Urology), F.R.C.S. (Urology) London, Dip. Urology

Dept.- Uro-Oncology